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VR Rides

Masti Zone introduces immersive VR games as a thrilling addition to our Game Zones, offering various concepts and formats of VR gaming all under one roof. These concepts encompass free-roam VR multiplayer games, escape room multiplayer games, short-duration VR lounge games, and outdoor Virtual Reality Games, providing diverse virtual experiences.

Our Virtual Gaming section offers unique VR rides, including seater VRs with occupancy for 3 to 6 people, Bike VR, Car VR, Cricket VR, and Skywalk VR, among others. The Skywalk VR, in particular, delivers a two-minute experience filled with exhilaration, anxiety, and a healthy fear, making it a real challenge for those looking to test their fear of heights.

Masti Zone's VR games promise an unforgettable adventure, offering a range of virtual experiences suitable for various preferences and levels of excitement, all designed to push the boundaries of entertainment.